Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Caitlin sewing

Just a postscript to say both girls passed their "Bronze Star" in lifesaving today.and they are back home in the care of their mother.


doug fitch said...

Oh dear! sounds like you had a bit of a stressful time. Your grandchildren sound just like my two boys - they're constantly bickering at the moment and the little one is also fiercly competitive - he thinks he should be allowed to do stuff and be capable of doing the same things as his big brother - nothing quite like teenage squabbling to wind one up!Hil and I often don't agree on stuff either very often, which all adds fuel to the fire - happy days! Looks like all ended up well with your grandaughters though. Hope you're feeling relaxed again now and ready to get stuck into some work - all very busy at my end.

judsculpt said...

Thanks, I thought i was going crazy there for a while and haven't got back into any work yet and things kep mounting up. Thanks for noticing,Judy