Monday, January 19, 2009

A few more pots

These cups are used by me every day for drinking coffee. They are by Jane Burbidge, an Adelaide potter. They are porcelain with a celadon glaze. I bought the first one before Christmas for myself at The Jam Factory, as well as Humna's lovely delicately decorated slip cast bowl.
I was back there and asked if they had any more and I chose the shiny celadon one. I'm sure it would be the same glaze but just in a hotter spot in the kiln, but they are both beautiful to handle and use. Thanks Jane they are my favorite drinking coffee cup.

Just to show you that I do have potter skills this is a dinner plate from a dinner set I threw back at Art School when it was called SACAE Underdale, where I received my Bachelor of Design, Ceramics in 1983 as the back of the plate shows along with the smudges of cobalt.
I was a production thrower then and used to do some sculpture as well. Now it's reversed and I mainly sculpt but when I see beautiful porcelain dinnerware I get tempted again.

Humna Mustafa is a Henna artist who also works on clay.

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