Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Black Dog mood"

Nothing seems ok at this moment, I,ve had a week of getting nowwhere, looking after grumpy a granddaughter that rarely understand that every thing takes time to do, from learning how to master a sewing machine and how to make a frilly apron for her friend and make a chemise for herself and learn to sew straight seams without anyone looking on and correcting her. God forbid that I correct her and make her unpick her work.
The other is bored.God forbid that she is working out at gymnastics 4 days out of 5 with 3 to 4 hour program of work including strength work. (she is in the Level 5 National stream)
Then they both are swimming every morning doing the life saving medal Bronze Star which again we take them to the pool for that.
The youngest believes the anything Caitlin does, she also has the right to demand it too, as she is a very competitative child, so Erin also wanted to learn to sew and make an apron for her friend, I said no so she was in a foul mood. The joys of looking after grandchildren. They managed to "cook muffins "and "melting moments," and Caitlin also cooked dinner of meatballs and vegitables and went to Karate as well.I think the week was full on, hence not much work done by me, apart from trying to post blogs when they were asleep and write to Shaun our son, in Papua New Guinea at work there. Plus a silent husband who didn't approve of the way I go about things.

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ang said...

sounds like you're having a lovely time......