Thursday, January 8, 2009

Overnight at Pakaritampu Hotel, Ollantaytambo,Peru

This ancient viaduct ran through the back of the hotel we spent the night at. We were so tired, we had travelled from Australia for 19 hours, then caught a 5 hour flight from Buenes Aires to Lima, Peru and fell into bed by 11pm then had to be up by 3am to have a quick breakfast before getting to the airport the customary 2 hours before the next flight to Cusco. We were met by our guide at Cusco for a full day tour to the Sacred Valley, without the normal 24 hour acclimisation, all because of a train strike on the Monday, which would have left us stranded at Machu Picchu and we would miss our flight back to Argentina. Our changed plans were faxed to us 10 minutes before we left home for the airport. All thanks to our travel agent, Thor Travel Adelaide, and their South American Agents, Vircocha Turismo, who made our journey run smoothly in South America.
Mothers and babies ready for the tourists travelling to Machu Picchu at the station.

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