Monday, January 19, 2009

It's too hot to go outside.

It is a fairly hot day here, so I have been sitting at my computer reading blogs. I can blame that on reading Strange Fragments, and trying to read all the Australian blogs supplied by Shannon Garson on her blog. Her pots are quite beautiful.
It's funny to think that over here in Australia that it is so hot , I'd almost describe it as a sizzler although it is supposed to only be forcast as 35 degrees c and yet the blogs overseas have the most beautiful white snow covered landscapes and talk of below freezing weather. I can understand how it would be exceptionally hard to work clay in winter and to have the thrown pots crack from freezing weather.
My plight is the opposite as I have to try to reorder my messy workshop in order to start working, but the temperature in the galvanized tin workshop is too hot at the moment even though it is now 5.00pm, hence the languid afternoon reading blogs. I found also that our part of the world seems to favour porcelain and finely thrown work as we don't have the wonderful tradition of slipped pots or maybe my leanings are to fine porcelain and I haven't looked far enough away from my preferences.
I just nicked out to rescue yesterday's washing and as I passed the necterine and satsuma plum trees, I could see the fruit that had been tried out by the possums and left to waste on the ground.
Our house is across the road from a reserve of open bush which has Dry Creek running through it and at the moment it's not really running, so all the green lorikeets, rosellas and gallahs turn up at our fish pond and fountain and have their daily baths and squabble over who is boss, at dusk and early morning. They are wonderful to watch. I don't have many goldfish at the moment as a blue herron found my pond just the thing for a feed and aren't many of them left and the Cookaburras like them too.
I must try to work out how to put a video of them lined up for a bath on the blog.
I didn't use my workshop all last year as I had space at Tea Tree Gully Craft Workshops to work on my large sculpture of Mary MacKillop and although it was also hot out there, they had evaporative cooling which helped on all but the hottest days, I now have to clean up my shed and make it workable again and also my studio and office where it's hard to know where to start.
My Bronze work is ready to be placed at the cathedral but I have to wait until the church is ready for the opening and because that has been postponed until March I feel unsettled and have not worked on any thing properly yet. Maybe my desk is telling me to clean it up.

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