Friday, January 2, 2009

Cusco, Peru


doug fitch said...

Happy New Year Jude. These are great pictures. My friend Mark has just come back from Mexico and showed me a book today with some incredible weaving in it that looks very similar to the Peruvian work. It's wonderful that these cultures still have ancient traditions intact.

Your work is very beautiful, I've looked at it often, you have such incredible talent. I used to work in an art college in Exeter, our nearest city and we had a foundry there where the students would use lost wax ceramic shell. I used to help them make the moulds - thankfully none were as sophisticated as yours!

judsculpt said...

Thanks Doug, sometimes you feel that you are only using blogger as a diary, so it was so-o nice to have some feedback from the blogsite. I saw some wonderful old artifacts of weaving and pottery in our hotel in Cusco, so I was on the lookout to see what crafts they did and it is a country full of all kinds of craftwork, and every mother and child was out there trying to sell their wares.
I really felt it was such a poor country and i felt for the young children on the streets at such a late hour of the night.Thanks also for commenting on my work,I used to do all the investments and welding and fettling myself but the last two pieces i have been able to pay the foundry to do it for me,but the small sculptures i still do every thing except pour the bronzewhich the city TAFE college will do for a fee. Thanks again for getting in touch. Jude