Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Helicopters overhead, the peleton must be near.

The Peleton rides into view, photo taken with a 10 x zoom.

Peleton, one rider ahead of bunch.
He is third rider over line.

And these are my granddaughters , enjoying the race.
I don't know who came first in today's race , I'll watch the news tonight on TV. I picked out the back if Armstrong as the bunch went past but couldn't catch any one else' face. They were so close to us as they swept up the road. They rode right to the edge of the bitumen and the crowd were right on the edge of the dirt looking straight into their faces and the strain of the climb showed on most faces.
It will probably be the only race we go to watch as the race ranges a couple of hundred ks through the hills.
Armstrong has done heaps for cancer patients and has made the illness much more publicised and the local government has pledged a large amount of money for Children's cancer research.
I hope all America will be watching the inauguration of Obama, it will be a such an historic night ,showing on tv about 3.00am our time.

Hope I showed bloggers a little bit of our news here in South Australia.


Alex Solla said...

You are so lucky to have seen this race! I have only seen bits and pieces on TV and on the computer. Sounds like it was a good time.

Thanks for peeking in on my blog.

judsculpt said...

Thanks Alex, your work is beautiful. Our family are avid bike fans and watch whenever we can too. Saw Armstrong riding, in the flesh and went in to see the last stage in town as well. Now watching a great niece winning track National Championship medals this last week. Judy