Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flew back to Buenos Aires from Cusco, Peru

I would like to add some posts from our trip as we flew back to Buenos Aries from Cusco in Peru via Lima and that took most if the day and this was our view from the hotel window with the late setting sun making a golden show of the buildings opposite.

The next day we did a half day bus tour of the city and I swear I have never seen so many sculptures in one city, it was just magic to me although I only got quick glimpses as we passed, but we went to a large cemetary in the city and the momuments and mausaleums were incredible. I wanted to stay and take photos of everything, but we only had 10 minuted before we were due back on the bus. I didn't get a chance to find Eva Peron's grave but here are some of the sculptures I had a chance to photograph.
The cemetry reminded me of one I went to in Naples, Italy when I first went overseas as a 20
year old which really impressed me. I have always loved sculpture and am always photographing it when I can.

I love the wings, the drapery and the mood of these tombs.

Some are such massive sculptures, I must try to find a book about these tombs. John said it was called the Recoleta Cemetary. There was also a wonderful white church , the Basilica of our Lady of the Pillar, which had some wonderful art work in it also. I wanted to photograph the inside of it but I had misread a notice that forbade photos being taken only whilst services were being held.

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